An Interview with Antoinette Savoie of Pigéon Caterers

An Interview with Antoinette Savoie of Pigéon Caterers



We conducted an interview with Antoinette Savoie, who is the current Wedding Sales Manager with Pigéon Caterers here in New Orleans. Antoinette is an incredibly skilled, driven professional who was kind enough to share her knowledge of the wedding industry with us.  Enjoy!

1. Please introduce yourself: Who you are, where you’re from, what you do, and how long you’ve been in New Orleans.

Hey there, my name is Antoinette Savoie and I am originally from Mobile, Alabama. Currently I am the Wedding Sales Manager at Pigéon Caterers in New Orleans, Louisiana. Prior to returning to the Gulf Coast, I was a chef in San Francisco. I came back to get my MBA at Tulane and have been in Nola for two years and some change!

2. Tell us a bit about the world of wedding planning. How did you get in to it? How much time goes into each one? What do you love about it? What is difficult about it?

Wedding planning has been such a rewarding career path! I have always been an attention to detail person and a chronic planner so it truly is a perfect fit for my persona. After attending culinary school I knew I wanted to work events, being able to plan for things in advance takes some of the stress out of the kitchen atmosphere. However, the best part is getting to be an integral part of one of the most memorable days of a couple’s life. Love really is a powerful thing and being able to be surrounded by it constantly makes this such an uplifting profession.

monastery3. What do you find distinct about the job in New Orleans? Are there any unique challenges/benefits to doing wedding planning here? On a side note: do you have a favorite venue? (feel free to ignore this last bit if you don’t want anger anyone haha)

New Orleans is such an exhilarating market! We are actually the 2nd most popular destination for weddings behind Las Vegas, so you never know what type of couple you are going to get. I love being able to expose clients to our culture – my favorite part might actually be explaining what a second line is!

My favorite venue, I am most certainly biased here, is our new venue – The Monastery. It is located on the new streetcar line on N. Rampart and is an old renovated monastery. The original chapel is surrounded by numerous courtyards and a very modern remodel of the interior spaces. The venue almost encompasses an entire French Quarter block and can accommodate up to 2000 guests!

4. Vendors! This is always a big question for people outside of the planning community, as wedding vendors and venues are often seen as the “gateway” into the world of weddings. How do you meet vendors? What are some criteria you have when deciding who to work with and recommend? How often are you helping brides find various vendors?

My strictest criteria for vendors is that they are team players. I work with a plethora of different people and it truly takes us all for an event to come together. If I ever see a vendor helping outside their realm of expertise (i.e. a lighting guy helping put a cake on a stand or a DJ straightening a flower arrangement), that vendor gets placed on my permanent list of recommended vendors!

5. With specific regards to wedding videos, do you find yourself often recommending videographers and videography companies? If so, what do you look for in these companies? Are there any common issues/pitfalls you have seen that make you hesitant to recommend some?

Surprisingly I almost never recommend videographers. Typically the people looking to video their wedding have already looked into and found the videographer that fits their style. Even when I was planning in San Francisco, couples would almost always handle the videographer themselves.

If I am looking on my own, Instagram is my first stop. Social Media is such a big part of weddings now and how a vendor represents themselves on social media is very important to me. Music is also near and dear to my heart. So it never hurts if the videographer has a good ear too.

6. Anything else you’d like to add?

Just a thank you for InDepth media for allowing me to share my story and expertise! Best of luck with any future ventures and please keep Pigéon Caterers in mind for any of your upcoming events.

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