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The Only Camera Sale worth Paying Attention to

The Only Camera Sale worthy Paying Attention to


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, whatever you want to call this “sale season,” the hands down best deal right now is the $600 G7 package – the “little brother” of the clearly proven Panasonic GH4. Adorama is one of several vendors offering this deal right now. For $600 you get a solid mic, lens, and 4K Camera that shoots 1080p 60fps.

If you own a GH4 this is a no-brainer B-cam option. Looking to jump up from DSLR’s? This is a great move. Looking to get into the game? Still a great move. There are so many reasons this camera is an amazing starter. On top of that, the mic is worth over $200 and the lens around $300, so you can sell them off and get a 4K camera for somewhere between $50 and $150 depending on how much you sell them for. We cannot recommend this deal enough.

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*We are in no way affiliated with, paid by, or have an interest in promoting Adorama, Panasonic, or any of the above-mentioned brands. 


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