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Striking a Work-Life Balance with Dr. Songy

Striking a Work-Life Balance with Dr. Songy Dr. Songy is, quite literally, the reason inDEPTH exists! He has been a dear friend of mine for over a decade. Dr. Songy introduced me to his brother-in-law, Mickey, who is inDEPTH’s other co-founder. We asked him to wield his impressive background in counseling to discuss the freelance lifestyle, burnout, mental health, […]

Traveling with Andrew Bui

It is always a pleasure chatting with Andrew. He is a great friend, a top-notch shooter and editor, and just an overall amazing artist. We are thrilled to have him back on the blog to discuss his work traveling the world and making stellar video content out of those journeys. Join us as he discusses […]

An Interview with 3D Motion Designer, David Ariew

I am super excited to introduce the blog this week. It is hard to emphasize how integral David was in my professional development. After years of hanging out and teaching me swing dancing (you read that right), I asked David about film because I had caught the bug in my last year of college. He […]

An Interview with Nate Houghteling of Portal A

Nate Houghteling runs one of the best content creation operations we’ve seen (and is an incredibly generous host and guest!). If you are on youtube, you most likely have seen Portal A’s handiwork. We are excited about their original series, One Shot, and all the great content they have in store. Check it out!  1. Please introduce […]

An Interview with Antoinette Savoie of Pigéon Caterers

An Interview with Antoinette Savoie of Pigéon Caterers We conducted an interview with Antoinette Savoie, who is the current Wedding Sales Manager with Pigéon Caterers here in New Orleans. Antoinette is an incredibly skilled, driven professional who was kind enough to share her knowledge of the wedding industry with us.  Enjoy! 1. Please introduce yourself: Who […]

Extra Life 2: Electric Boogaloo

It’s that time again: Extra Life! inDEPTH Media is partnering with Implicted, NOLAnerdcast, to raise money for Children’s Hospital New Orleans!   Come join us and thousands of other teams in support of children’s hospitals across the country with Extra Life. Every dollar is donated to the hospitals to help them continue their mission of providing quality care to […]

I Married a Filmmaker

I Married a Filmmaker This week we decided to do something a little different. Ann Marshall Tilton (Greg’s wife) and Nicole Gaidos (Mickey’s wife) weigh in on what it’s like to be married to a filmmaker. Needless to say, it’s not your typical relationship. What are some of your stories? Take a look here and […]

Light Talk – Ep. 1

Light Talk – A Film Podcast Episode 1: Introductions, New Gear, Lighting Tests, and more This week Greg (inDEPTH Media) and Ben explore Sony’s A7sII, Panasonic’s recently announced GH5, LED lights by Savage, and more. Referenced images:  

The Wonderful World of Lenses

The Wonderful World of Lenses So you want some lenses. You don’t? Wrong, yes you do. Like with the post on sound, forget your camera. Lenses are arguably the most important pieces of equipment in your arsenal and can, quite literally, last a lifetime. “Buy once, cry once” heavily applies here. There are so many options out […]